Resizing for D.P.I competitions.

(Digitally Projected Image)
Images entered for DPI competitions must be no bigger than 1400 x 1050 pixels, saved as a Jpeg in sRGB colour space.
This is how to resize your image In Photoshop (other image editors should be similar enough to follow these steps)
Go to: ‘Image’ on the menu bar, then in the dropdown menu ‘Image size’.
Then in the dialog box:
1.  Make sure the ‘Resample’ box is checked and  ‘Constrain Proportions’ is selected (small chain symbol with brackets to Width & Height - this should be the default) and select Pixels as the unit of measurement (as opposed to inches or centimeters).
2.  If your image is Landscape, type 1400 into the Width box.  Now check that the figure in the Height box is 1050 or less.  If it is not then treat as in next step.
3.  If your image is Portrait or Square Format, type 1050 into the Height box.  The width will now show as less than 1400.
4.  Click OK.  Your image is now resized.
5.  Check that your colour profile is sRGB.  Go to ‘Edit’, then ‘Convert to Profile’.  If sRGB is shown as the ‘Source Space’ you are OK.  If it isn’t select sRGB from the dropdown menu in ‘Destination Space’.
6.  Now be sure to rename your image (take care here or you could lose your original by saving over it) and ‘Save As’ a Jpeg.  Keep the compression settings at the high quality end of the scale (10, 11 or 12).