Phoenix camera club have about half a dozen or so internal competitions a year and we usually enter external and inter-club competitions as well. Competitions can encourage you to stretch your photographic imagination by taking images you wouldnt normally take. We run print competitions with external and sometimes internal judging. The judges job is to select the winners but also to give constructive criticism and how our prints could be improved. We will hopefully be running digitally projected image (D.P.I) competitions from 2015.

Prints should be presented either surface mounted or window mounted, in a 40 x 50 cm mount (external dimensions) although the actual print may of course be smaller and mounts should be no more than 5mm thick. It is highly recommended that prints have a backing board. Mount board and backing board, cut to size and mounting tape may be purchased from the club Treasurer. The image title and photographers membership number only is to be shown on the reverse. There must be no Velcro, clips or rings on the back of the mount. Only the print is to appear on the face of the mount. No titles or other embellishments to the face of the mount will be permitted.
Competition prints should always be mounted and framed according to the standard size above in order to help store, transport and present prints at external competitions / displays. Prints may be gloss or matt in finish. Normally, each member is required to limit the number of prints displayed at any given competition to two per category as per the club rules. See the club competition rules below for more information on presenting your images for competitions.
Standing Competition Rules (Internal Competitions) Print Division
1.   These rules are designed to ensure a level playing field for everyone and, unless otherwise stated at the time, will apply to all internal club competitions.

2.   A copy of these rules will be given to the judge selected to judge each competition, together with the entries, and entries which fail to comply with these rules will be disqualified.
3.   There will be two categories only within each competition (Print division only):-
                Colour Print
               Monochrome Print (An image is considered to be monochrome if (in addition to a straight black and white image) it is a toned black and white image, with or without  different shades.

4.   There will be no distinction between photographs:-
              Processed commercially or by members.
              Taken by digital or film camera.
5.   No one photograph may be dual entered  i.e. each image may be entered in one category only.
6.   Entries submitted must be:-
                Personally taken by the individual member.
                Taken within the time scale laid down (if any ~ if no time scale is specifically noted, the standing rule is within the past two years from the date of the competition)
7.   Copyright in all elements of each entry must be owned by and will be retained by the individual member.
8.   Each member may submit a maximum of 2 entries in each print category.
9.   All print entries are to be board mounted, window mounted or framed. The colour and method of mounting are at the member's discretion, but all mounts must have an external dimension of 40cm x 50cm  see details on Presentation above.
10.   The minimum size of any print is to be 6" x 4" and the maximum size is A3. Prints outside of these sizes will not be permitted in club competitions.
11.   Members are to insert on the back of their mount their membership number and the title of the print. The members name is not to be included anywhere on the entry.