Membership Fees etc
Annual Membership Fee
Annual membership fees fall due in January each year. The fee structure is as follows
Single Member - £48.00
Junior Member (under 18 years of age) - £20.00
Fee’s are paid based on the club year of January 1st to December 31st. New members joining the club during the club year pay their membership on a pro-rata basis to the year end.
The first meeting attended is free of charge. This enables potential new members to meet other club members for the evening, participate in the clubs activities and to see if the club suits them. During this evening, the new member will be furnished with club information, a programme and a membership application form. Annual membership fees are then due from the next time the member attends a club meeting.

Photographers Insurance
Part of your membership fee includes a Photographers Insurance premium, to provide additional protection for you and your equipment when you are out taking photographs.
Full details of this insurance coverage will be provided upon receipt of your membership application form and membership fee.

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF)
The Phoenix Camera Club is proud to be affiliated to the Western Counties Photographic Federation.
The WCPF is an association of camera clubs from across the South West, and exists to promote photography in all its forms .
Along with presentations, workshops and events, the WCPF also hold a number of prestigious photographic competitions throughout the year.
For more details, see the WCPF website.

Discounts and other benefits
Club members can benefit from a range of discounts and other special offers.
Mounting Board & Tape - The club buys print mounting board and mounting tape in bulk which can then be purchased at cost by members - no minimum quantity.
Our members often do a 'Bring and Buy' on club nights, when old or unwanted equipment can be purchased or swapped.
We also often have back copies of photographic magazines available free to any member that would like to read up and widen their photography knowledge.