About the club.

Based in Holsworthy and Bude, the Phoenix Camera Club is a small, friendly amateur camera club made up of individuals that share a common interest in creative photography.
Whether you are interested in the latest digital imagery or more traditional 35mm film or slide photography, what brings us together is a love of pictures and the challenge of capturing a special shot that will last forever.
Please note that all images shown on this website are copyright of the Phoenix Camera Club photographer member and should not be copied or used without their express permission. If you wish to reach a member about any image on this site, please contact us.

Get creative!
Our aim is to share the enjoyment, satisfaction and technical skills of photography with the widest possible audience and to encourage everyone to participate in this creative and absorbing pastime.
We do this through the following:
• Presentations and talks
• Competitions
• Photo-shoots
• Exhibitions
• Photography courses
Whether you are new to photography or have been taking pictures for years, we would love to meet you.

What does this button do?
Whatever your level of technical ability, the Phoenix Camera Club is here to help. Our membership ranges from enthusiastic amateurs, with their first compact digital cameras to semi professionals, retired professional and one or two full time pro's. There is always someone that can help you overcome a particular problem or assist you to improve the pictures that you are taking.
We also run basic photography courses to ensure that you can get the best out of your camera equipment and hold regular sessions learning about computer image manipulation, printing your shots for the best effect and mounting and framing your pictures.

Let your imagination run wild!
Landscapes, portraits, close-ups or wide angle, animals, people, flash or High Dynamic Range photography, you name the subject, we love it!
We hope that by seeing pictures that other members have captured, you may be inspired to go out and try something for yourself - find a new location or take a picture from a different angle - you never know what you might achieve.
And best of all, as photography, like art, is subjective, if you like it that's all that really matters!

Make new friends and have fun!
The Phoenix Camera Club is made up of people of all ages and backgrounds who all want to take better pictures! But we also want to have fun doing it!
• Full Annual Programme of Events
• Interesting and Varied Speakers
• Creative and Technical Advice and Support
So if you are seeking inspiration, want to get the hang of how your camera functions or simply would like to get together once a month and see some great pictures, why not come along to our next meeting!